Class Lesson #1: Do You Have Dissention In Your Heart?

Dissention is defined as a state of discord, conflict, contention and strife that can lead to disharmony and division. When there is any type of infighting or bickering occurring within a spiritual group, especially among its priests and elders, it commonly leads to a high tension and inevitability a falling-out between many members of the Christian community. As a child of God, it is your responsibility to “promote the Gospel” (i.e., the good news of Christ). This means to advocate spiritual harmony and peace of mind whenever possible.


As Christian Mystics, in order to avoid dissention from happening, in your heart, mind, and personal ministry, and/or if it is already in motion to stop it from growing any further, you will sometimes be given the opportunity to council others who are upset, and help them to transform their currently embittered lives to a life of peace and happiness.


In order to assist yourself and others in truly forgiving and growing as a child of God’s light – Please discuss the following:


When you are faced with an upset:

1.    Understand the Past – Where are its subconscious roots???

·      Define the “old story,” and focus on where these feelings originated.

·      What is the youngest you remember feeling these emotions?

·      Who was involved?

·      What was the action and/or experience surrounding the original trauma?


2.    Bring this memory into the Present - From subconscious reaction to conscious decision

·      Bring the memory and reaction into the present – and study it

·      Who did I learned this pattern from?

·      What were its values?

·      What were its detriments?

·      Do I want to keep this pattern or am I willing to let it go??

·      What does this pattern say about me?


3.    Consciously release the pattern and create a new pattern –

·      Am I willing to consciously choose to “die” to this mental and emotional pattern (i.e., release my ego’s attachment to its created influence)?

·      Am I willing to consciously choose to not feed it  (invest further thoughts and feelings into the same old story)?

·      If I do not feed it any more thoughts and emotions – it will energetically starve and die – am I willing to allow this to happen – and no longer obsess over it?

·      In order to heal and move on, you must now create a new “positive” pattern – and empower it with new actions. This will rewire the two hemispheres of the brain, and allows the previous old trance-inducted pattern to dissolve. This being the case, what new positive pattered way of thinking will you use to replace the old patter?

·      After creating a new positive way of thing, expose any need to sabotage the new pattern – if found – start the process again until the charges have stabilized, and there is no more value in punishing yourself or others for the “old” story that have been previously haunting your heart and mind, and tormenting your spirit.


Class Homework – Life Problem #1

As a Christian Mystic – now and then you will be faced with the opportunity to council others and help transform their lives for the better. Because “knowledge is no wisdom,” please discuss the following with each other, and dive deeper into the subject:


A personal friend or member of your congregation comes to you with the following problem.  Member A does not trust member B –

·      How can this problem affect themselves and others?

·      What would you do to help them resolve their differences and create trust?

·      What will be the benefits of this resolution?

·      What will be the outcome of not resolving this problem?