Why Forgive

It is often been said that with true forgiveness comes new hope for the future, as well as peace of heart and mind. However the process of forgiving someone is actually an ongoing procedure, which has many levels and different stages associated within it.

This is because the act of true repentance is not simply saying “I’m sorry;” but is instead defined as “the ability to bring about a conscious change surrounding a prior action that has initially caused someone to experience feelings of sorrow, anger, resentment, hostility, and bitterness.”

The real problem associated with forgiving someone is that, more often than not, the “pardon” and complete absolution of the person who caused the past hurts takes place in the head, and not in the heart.  

Oftentimes this type of intellectual act is based on the wrong assumption that any mental effort alone can convince someone’s wounded heart to release its feelings of hurt, betrayal, and rejection.

The main reason that a person does not often quickly heal from such deep emotional wounding, is that deep feelings of disappointment, hurt, or betrayal are really not that susceptible to cold calculated logic.

Every time you have an emotional attachment to a person, place, or thing, you create energetic cords that connect your three bodies (physical body, energy body, and spirit body) to that particular object. The stronger the emotions — the stronger the energetic cords become.

These energetic cords are constructed out of various thoughts, feelings, and beliefs and are kept alive through their specific attachments to the old memories that are associated with that particular person, place, or thing.

Each energetic cord therefore represents a specific mental and emotional attachment that you are currently holding on to, which often depletes and robs your body of life force energy.

The stronger the mental and emotional attachment, the more powerful its energetic pull becomes. 

Which is why, if you do not want to become a disembodied soul existing as an earthbound ghost trapped within the physical realm, then it is essential to learn how to truly forgive and remove these unprocessed emotional and mental attachments.

One of the best examples of this type of unresolved energetic attachment existing after death, is graphically represented in the ghost of Jacob Marley, depicted in Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol. Marley’s chains, described by Dickens as “captive, bound and double-ironed,” were unknowingly forged by himself in life as a result of his greed and selfishness.

In the spirit realm, words are used to either bind or release energy onto an individual’s three bodies.  

If left unresolved, the individual’s energy body and spirit body retain the attached energetic cords connected to their experiences.

It is through the act of forgiveness that we choose to not waste any more of our life force energy identifying with and dwelling on the things that have happened in our past.  

It also frees us from obsessing over things that we can never change, and releases the energetic cords attached to all of these old experiences. 

True forgiveness is defined as the stopping, renouncing, and ceasing of resentment, indignation, or anger as a result of a perceived offense, disagreement, or mistake.

This includes refusing to demand or even expect that any form of punishment or restitution will take place for any past actions.

The act of forgiveness is not an agreement with or an approval of whatever happened to you in your life.

Nor is it an invitation for any type of violation or misbehavior to be repeated.

Instead, forgiveness is a spiritual act that brings you back into the living moment, and allows you to experience life from the perspective of your eternal soul’s true self.

This liberating state allows you to rise to higher levels of spiritual awareness, and experience each and every moment as a divine revelation 

In order to truly forgive, you must first become accountable for your decision of consciously choosing to release all attachments associated to the person, place, or thing that you believe has hurt you.

Once you can release that past history, you can then begin to grow mentally and emotionally free from these energetic attachments, and begin to spiritually reclaim your life. 

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