Who We Really Are

In celebration of this Friday, I want to share with you a very special gift taken from my new book, The Hidden Teachings of Christian Mysticism Vol. 1.

As human beings, we are accustomed to thinking of ourselves as separate, especially in terms of our own physical bodies and personalities. Yet the little bundles of self-definitions that form our personalities are energetically sustained and internally supported by old stories, old thoughts, and old beliefs.

 What we think of as being our own personal analytical minds, is actually created by continually reinforcing such habitual patterns of thinking.

However as Christians, the deepest comprehensive understanding of our awakened mind is actually based on the discovery that we are eternal souls spiritually connected to the divine radiant light of our Creator. Once awakened to this fact, we realize that all of us are extended energetic sparks and radiant reflections of God’s divine mind, complete with profound illuminating power.

Before an individual is spiritually awakened to this fact, their thoughts and actions are centered on their own survival-based patterns.

Which most often are borrowed from other people such as our parents, siblings, and friends, and used to create their own personal value system, opinions, personality traits, and reactive mannerisms.

This is why our ego must first be stripped of its acquired individuality before we can spiritually grow.

The old bundles of self-definitions that have maintained our separate identities must be stripped away so we can realize that each one of us is in fact a part of the infinite light of God’s radiant being.

No one manifests their full true spiritual nature until they have ridden themselves of the limitations of their acquired ego.  

This process of “born again” thinking is developed by constantly revising one’s personal self-definitions, which allows the divine light of God to clearly shine forth in their lives.

If your feel this teachings can help others, I invite you to share it with others.