Walking A Spiritual Path

In celebration of this Friday, I want to share with you a very special gift taken from my new book, The Hidden Teachings of Christian Mysticism Vol. 1. 

We are often told that “man is spirit,” and that he contains the divine spark of God’s own illuminating fire.

Because of this most radiant gift, man’s soul is considered to be immortal, and has the capacity to spiritually grow, mature, and radiate divine light without limit.

Which is why whether or not an individual’s spiritual discipline has been deeply rooted in a particular religious teaching, if they sincerely seek to know God with their whole heart, they will eventually discover the divine mysteries that are hidden inside a true spiritual walk.  

This road less traveled will eventually lead the seeker down a winding path towards becoming a more spiritually evolved child of light.

When we live our lives as children of God, as we stand on our own particular rung on the ladder of life, we can often see other rungs that are currently located both above and below us.

 Those who stand on the rungs located high above us may even appear to be as gods, especially in their incredible spiritual knowledge, ability, and power. Yet these older brothers and sisters reveal to us that not long ago they also stood exactly where we are currently standing.

If we desire to be like them in the future, we must also share the same steps as they had trod upon in the past.

If your feel this teachings can help others, I invite you to share it with others.