Understanding The Need For Meditation

By focusing your heart and mind to see, hear, feel, and experience more than you normally do, you are naturally awakened to different realms of intuitive awareness.

 Developing this type of meditative attention is an acquired skill which brings about clarity, and allows you to see the true nature of all things.

This is why so many outstanding spiritual teachers, both past and present, advocate performing daily meditation practice.

Although different songs, psalms, and religious teachings speak of meditating upon the Lord and growing closer to him, there seems to be a lack of training in the church in how to attain this elevated spiritual state of awareness.

Being mindfully attentive is not something that needs to be practiced in a crossed-legged sitting posture.

Instead, this type of meditative attention is actually a dynamic type of practice that focuses on having you pay closer attention to what you are observing and/or what you are doing.

It is a way to orientate yourself within your spiritual walk by becoming fully aware of all your activities through the use of your five senses and your mind.

The closer we get to energetically connecting with the subtle energies that flow within and sustain all of creation, the more familiar and intimate we become with the spirit of God.  

This subtle energy and its unique spiritual influence always manifests within the external environment, as well as within our own internal being.

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