Understanding Spiritual Enlightenment

Our perceived negative experiences tend to separate our heart and mind from God, and can sometimes disconnect our survival based ego from the divine spiritual nature of our eternal soul.

Once this type of disconnected pattern becomes habitual, it often creates the illusion within our spirit that we are no longer connected to God, and that we are currently all alone in the world. Even with the company of close friends, without this spiritual connection inside our lives, anyone can feel empty and alone.

Without a divine spiritual connection, everything in life seems to be based on survival, even in the way that we plan our lives, the way we work, and how we interact with our friends and family.  

Too often the spiritual practice that people choose is based on the assumption that having a connection with this priest, church, or religion will save their empty souls.

Other times people will act out their lives, not from any religious or spiritual beliefs, but on the assumption that there is only one meaningful reality: one composed of obtaining personal power based on acquiring wealth, fame, and feeding their carnal lust.

Although many may become successful, rich, respected, and even famous, none of these things will ever fill the void of living a soulless life. Which is why in Matthew 16:26, Jesus told his disciples, For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?

Even if a person is deeply entrenched in various religious dogmas and/or the fundamentalist teachings of their church, eventually their eternal soul will cry out for more. The internal hunger for knowing God, and the need for living a life built on having a true relationship with the Almighty Creator will eventually come to the surface.

During this time in a person’s life, they may start to doubt, question, and internally sense that something is wrong.

In many cases, there is a strong desire to receive more from life than what they had previously been seeing, hearing, and experiencing. At this point in their lives, many people begin to feel completely lost and deeply alone.  

In these times of spiritual crisis, many people often have no one outside of their church with whom to confide in, and often even their own families do not understand what they are experiencing.  

As a result, many feel so anxious, alienated, and suffocated with loneliness that they become depressed, moody, and downright angry.

Throughout this time of spiritual transition many begin to question the things that they were previously taught, and they begin to rebel against all forms of authority figures. 

It is at this bleak state in life that something often happens which sets into motion a profound spiritual awakening.

This is why it is often said that a spiritual awakening is the result of the eternal soul crying out for a true reconnection with God.

In these times of internal turmoil, once a person manages to untangle themselves from these overwhelming feelings, they will often experience a deep realization of their innate inner-connection to God.

As this happens, the awakened soul remembers that it has always been one with God, and has always been spiritually connected to the true radiant source of its creation.

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