The Importance of Having A Higher Power

There has never been a set definition for “Higher Power.” However, one of the most popular descriptions of this concept is that of a supreme deity or some type of supernatural being such as an all-knowing, all-powerful Creator God.

Some people do not believe in divine beings. Instead they believe in the life-force energies of the universe or nature as a higher power.

Therefore, in order to establish a word-association for this modern term, I would like to define a person’s higher power as being the spiritual energy that is higher than an individual’s originally programmed survival based ego.

I choose this definition because, without the important influence of a higher power, it is difficult for a person to overcome the acquired programming that they initially received as a small child through the day-to-day interactions they encounter in their environment.

Finding a higher power isn’t about convincing yourself of something that you do not believe in. It’s about finding something that challenges and brings you away from the critical voices that have already been established within your heart and mind since childhood.

This special intimate connection to a higher power allows you to experience greater appreciation and happiness in life, and enables you to find a deeper life purpose and experience profound inner peace.

Most people go through a spiritual awakening process first, and then consciously connect with their higher power. As they learn to understand the value of what that higher power is, the subtle spiritual connection that exists between their eternal soul and the spirit of God continues to grow 

Although they may not be able to identify this higher power by name, or fully understand the influence and spiritual connection it has on their heart and mind, the process of trying to grow closer to their higher power allows its inner connection with their eternal soul to become stronger. 

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