Spiritual Transformation

In celebration of this Friday, I want to share with you a very special gift taken from my new book, The Hidden Teachings of Christian Mysticism Vol. 1.

The term “Spiritual Transformation” is defined as the progressive alteration and change of a person’s current thoughts, beliefs, and feelings surrounding their life, to a higher more spiritually elevated relationship with a divine power. This type of spiritual awakening is often rooted in a special awareness associated with one’s eternal soul and its innate relationship with God.

 Although many people say “the path to the eternal soul lies within,” the simple truth of the matter is that this special road to spiritual awakening is only uncovered through dedication and personal exploration.

Many times this important life transforming adventure requires an individual to receive specific teaching designed to move them from one particular state of mind towards the internal embodiment of this spiritual knowledge.

Often this esoteric wisdom is considered to be far beyond the understanding associated with normal spiritual teachings, religious dogma, or esoteric mythology.

The road to discovering the particular tools needed to awaken someone so that they can experience a deeper spiritual transformation will often vary from person to person.

However, these unique teachings can many times set into motion a powerful spiritual awakening, one that is brought about through exposure to different philosophies, trainings, and meditation practices – all of which center on consciously changing a person’s present state of heart and mind, and directing them towards a closer relationship with God.

If your feel this teachings can help others, I invite you to share it with others.