Spiritual Healing

In all of the spiritual healings and exorcisms occurring within the physical realm, there is a specific order of priority that is followed before its final energetic manifestation.

For example, the spirit world takes precedence over the energetic realm which in turn governs what occurs within the physical world.

In this Divine Law, thoughts and intentions control the vibrational patterns of energy which then influence the life-force formations and structures of the body’s tissues as well as imprinted matter.

In certain Gnostic Christian circles, it is taught that God originally manifested the three realms of creation in this following manner.

In other words, first God created the spirit realm, and all of the angelic beings of light that are used to govern his creation. This radiant energy was formed from a projection of God’s spiritual light and divine mind – which was consciously projected throughout the entire universe via his holy will. 

Next God created the energetic realm and the various elements responsible for supporting and sustaining his entire creation. This constantly moving and transforming energy was manifested into existence from God’s holy fire, which was inserted inside the original spiritual pattern he created with his mind. This sacred energy then began to organize itself according to God’s originally projected blue print of creation.

As the elements of life began to form into matter, God then created man to oversee what he had created.

In this final realm of creation, God used his “Breath of Life” to animate and bring to life the elements and spiritual energies of his creation.

Which is why according to ancient Christian mythology, the spirit realm contains different realms and kingdoms, all of which are the domains of various gods and powerful spirits.  

Because we live in a multi-dimensional reality, interacting with the spirit world is actually a natural part of the human experience.

In fact there is considerable documentation found throughout the world existing in both ancient and modern literature concerning interactions with the spirit realm. This is why the Apostle Paul wrote in Ephesians 6:12, For our conflict is not only with flesh and blood, but also with the angels; and with powers, with rulers of this world of darkness, and the evil spirits under the heavens.  

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