No one System Has It All

No one person, nor any group of individuals have all of the answers.

No matter how old their sacred scriptures and spiritual teachings claim to be, nor how vast their financial or political influences reach, each of their proclaimed belief systems are only offering a different singular perspective of an infinite and universal divine teaching.

For me to learn this, I had to be brought out of my church environment so that my spirit could be liberated from the fear-based fundamental teachings that had previously overshadowed my heart and mind.  

After interacting with many kindhearted men and women of God from other spiritual traditions, who had also encountered angry fundamentalists within their own religions, I realized that certain negative attitudes are simply a part of human nature.

I also understand that there will always be angry people existing within the various religions of the world which has nothing to do with the sacred teachings of the original founders of these great spiritual traditions.  

The word “Religion” is derived from the Latin word “religare,” meaning “to bind together;” and in society religion fulfills two main functions.

First it encourages an individual’s heart and mind to commune with God; and second it serves to energetically cement the internal structure of society, upholding certain values and ideals for the common good.

Although I understand that organized religious groups can sometimes disappoint and even frustrate people, I also understand that a world without any religions organization that cares for the needs of the people would be a much worse place than it is now.

It is sometimes said that religion is often a belief in someone else’s experience, whereas spirituality is having your own experiences, and for me, this statement was true.

It was during these times of deep reflection, that I began to understand that my personal spiritual walk has been and always will be between myself and God alone, no matter which religion I belong to, or which spiritual group I continue to fellowship with.

At that time of spiritual awakening, I understood that through God’s wonderful grace, many individuals were placed in my life in order to help guide and direct me towards obtaining a deeper and more profound spiritual insight based on self-discovery.

In all of our spiritual walks, sometimes a different perspective is needed in order to help free us from certain mental attitudes and stagnant fundamental beliefs that try to hinder our spiritual evolution.

This much needed new approach and different spiritual insight can often originate from other enlightened individuals, who are our brothers and sisters from different spiritual traditions.

If your feel this teachings can help others, I invite you to share it with others.