Esoteric Spirituality In Christianity

In celebration of this Friday, I want to share with you a very special gift taken from my new book, The Hidden Teachings of Christian Mysticism Vol. 1.

Because of a serious lack of understanding in what metaphysical training is all about, and how it applies to spirituality, many Christian religions simply refuse to take a closer look into anything that might be labeled “esoteric spirituality.” 

Yet historically, many of these unorthodox methods of prayer and meditation were often effectively used in earlier times to help many Christian monks and nuns progress towards a stronger and more profound spiritual relationship with God.

Without this much needed understanding and support, many people of faith often become confused as to what to do when their personal spiritual gifts begin to manifest.

Some Christians actually become extremely frightened of these supernatural abilities, even though these advanced mystical states were at one time considered to be a natural part of their spiritual growth and development.

Oftentimes these awakening experiences are ignored within the church, other times the natural spiritual gifts are even thought of as being “evil.”

This attitude is seen so often in the church, that much of today’s drop in attendance and the restless spiritual searching of the youth seems to be inspired by the belief that Christianity has nothing to offer someone who is truly seeking deeper spiritual growth.  

This assumption is often followed by the belief that the church today has become nothing more than a collection of antiquated dogmas based on political hierarchies and the desire for control.

Yet, it is a mistake to think that Christianity has no inner teachings.  

Many of the supernatural abilities that lie dormant within most believers were at one time considered to be an essential part of the Christian faith, responsible for manifesting the eternal soul’s divine potential in the world. 

In fact, in ancient times the ultimate goal of Christian mysticism was to energetically awaken and inspire an individual’s heart and mind towards a deeper experience of spiritual consciousness, and to draw him or her closer towards an enlightened understanding of God’s most radiant love and divine truth.

It is from this divine truth that the energetic manifestations of the spirit world are suddenly brought into conscious awareness.

If your feel this teachings can help others, I invite you to share it with others.