Different Obstacles – Different Veils

Every part of creation contains a radiant seed of God’s divine mind and holy essence. What we call “the visible world” is in all truth the radiant light and creative mind of God interacting as manifested substance.

In order to obtain a glimpse of this hidden reality, a person must first be able to penetrate the various veils that hinder their perception of them, and blinds their heart and mind to these subtle spiritual insights.

Once these veils are lifted, we are allowed to see, at least for a moment, the brilliance and infinite nature of God. As this occurs, we are thrown out of our lower survival-based ego self into a much higher realm of spiritual insight, perception, and understanding.

Because the delicate nature of the acquired personality can easily become shattered by such a radiant experience, sometimes the ego based mind must be slowly introduced to this knowledge, and gently brought through the various veils of light before it can fully grasp the deeper realities hidden within the spirit realm.

There are very strict rules governing how energy works on each plane of reality, as well as how a person can work with them. Which is why throughout the ages spiritual masters have opted to intentionally prepare their disciples to experience the energy, power, and infinite nature of God through different meditational practices and initiations.

These important rights of passage allow the hearts and minds of the new initiates to embrace these deeper truths at a consistent yet progressive rate of understanding.

Not only do these rituals create a way for the consciousness to receive and contain this information, but they also enable the new disciple to perceive a higher level of reality without being overwhelmed or damaged by it. 

Through this spiritual journey, each different initiation guides the new disciple closer to a deeper realization of God.

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