Building Bridges of Light

Often people believe that a spiritual path is related to the things they do, and the directional choices that they make in life. Yet from an esoteric perspective, this belief is based on a simple misunderstanding.

The path to God is not necessarily a journey based upon doing, but rather on being.

Which is why in many mystical traditions it is often said, “to find the path – one must become the path.”

Obtaining spiritual enlightenment represents a unique pathway through which an individual is able to realize the true potential of their eternal soul – and recognize it’s ability to express unconditional love, awaken to profound inspirations, as well as perceive and experience divine wisdom.  

In order for the eternal soul to attain this type of spiritual enlightenment, it is essential to first remove any obstructed flow of energy that inhibits this transformation process.

Additionally, when traveling upon this inner path, there is always several bridges that must be crossed in order to get to the other side.

Often the reason why a beginner has difficulty contacting the spiritual energy contained within their higher self, is because there is a wide gap in the conscious understanding that exists between their relationship with God — their eternal soul — and their acquired ego based personality.

These two main gaps (between God and their eternal soul – and the eternal soul and their acquired personality) must first be bridged before there can be an effective and harmonious flow of energy moving between these different energetic fields.

Once this bridging is established between the person’s soul and their acquired personality, a progression can be made towards the building of the more advanced bridge that exists between the spiritually awakened and transformed soul-infused personality (i.e., the born-again personality) and the radiant light reflected from the divine presence of the Divine.

Each human soul is considered to exist as a divine spark—which has been separated from the divine presence of God, and sent to earth to undergo different experiences designed to help it spiritually evolve and mature.

After being spiritually enriched through what it has overcome and gained, each wandering soul returns back to its place of origin and experiences a mystical union with the Father of Light.

In the course of this spiritual evolution, each soul becomes aware of the fact that its radiant energy forms an intrinsic and sentient part of a more comprehensive entity.

As the soul’s development continues to awaken, it slowly begins to understand the intention and divine purpose of its existence, and consciously begins to identify itself with that greater design.  

This spiritual adaptation and energetic merging with the greater rhythm of creation allows the soul to experience enhanced and progressive spiritual enrichment without detracting itself from its own self-awareness.

In order to better understand this, first realize that the soul is governed by the principle of unity, while the acquired personality is governed by the principle of separateness.

The soul seeks to condition the mind of the acquired personality with the realization that beneath the apparent separateness of things is a profound oneness.

Always remember, the soul is not governed by personality driven activity, but instead by an urge for it to be its authentic-self, filled with unconditional love, guided by divine wisdom, and directed by a higher life purpose.  

In all truth, a person’s spiritual walk is an inner journey that leads the soul down a path to transformation. Thus its outer activity is simply a demonstration of the divine wisdom that this spiritual journey has allowed it to embody and externally reveal.

In other words, our outer life of doing, is a manifestation of our current state of consciousness. Which is why as a person spiritually evolves, it becomes increasingly evident that their displays of unconditional love and heart felt compassion are merely an effect of the eternal soul awakening to its true self, and functioning within the physical realm.

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