Spiritual Healing

In all of the spiritual healings and exorcisms occurring within the physical realm, there is a specific order of priority that is followed before its final energetic manifestation.

For example, the spirit world takes precedence over the energetic realm which in turn governs what occurs within the physical world.

In this Divine Law, thoughts and intentions control the vibrational patterns of energy which then influence the life-force formations and structures of the body’s tissues as well as imprinted matter.

In certain Gnostic Christian circles, it is taught that God originally manifested the three realms of creation in this following manner.

In other words, first God created the spirit realm, and all of the angelic beings of light that are used to govern his creation. This radiant energy was formed from a projection of God’s spiritual light and divine mind – which was consciously projected throughout the entire universe via his holy will. 

Next God created the energetic realm and the various elements responsible for supporting and sustaining his entire creation. This constantly moving and transforming energy was manifested into existence from God’s holy fire, which was inserted inside the original spiritual pattern he created with his mind. This sacred energy then began to organize itself according to God’s originally projected blue print of creation.

As the elements of life began to form into matter, God then created man to oversee what he had created.

In this final realm of creation, God used his “Breath of Life” to animate and bring to life the elements and spiritual energies of his creation.

Which is why according to ancient Christian mythology, the spirit realm contains different realms and kingdoms, all of which are the domains of various gods and powerful spirits.  

Because we live in a multi-dimensional reality, interacting with the spirit world is actually a natural part of the human experience.

In fact there is considerable documentation found throughout the world existing in both ancient and modern literature concerning interactions with the spirit realm. This is why the Apostle Paul wrote in Ephesians 6:12, For our conflict is not only with flesh and blood, but also with the angels; and with powers, with rulers of this world of darkness, and the evil spirits under the heavens.  

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Interacting With The Spirit Realm

Anytime a person focuses on spiritually transforming their life and developing a closer walk with God, they will inevitably awaken the supernatural gifts innate within their eternal soul.

This awakening process often gives birth to latent psychic powers that are later used to inspire and assist others in their personal walks with the Divine.

Sometimes known as “spontaneous magic,” these special abilities will often enter into a person’s life so that they might remember to Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and rely not on your own wisdom. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and he shall direct your paths (Proverbs 3:5-6).  

These unique abilities are also used to free a person’s spirit, so that they learn to release their ego-based attachments surrounding what they believe “God will or will not do” concerning his children of light.

These supernatural abilities are not isolated incidents, neither are they only observed manifesting within the personal lives of the holy men and women of the Christian faith.

Instead, all of these miraculous phenomenon are also well documented in other religions such as the Buddhist, Daoist, Hindu, Islamic, and Jewish traditions.

As the Apostle Simon Peter stated in Acts 10:34-35, Truly I perceive that God doesn’t show favoritism; but in every nation he who fears him and works righteousness is acceptable to him.  

As Christian mystics, we understand that all of the special supernatural abilities developed within the human body are associated with the eternal soul, and manifested through God’s radiant light.

Therefore even though these holy men and women of God may have originated from other spiritual traditions, they have also surrendered their bodies, minds, and spirits to God, and their awakened souls now live after His righteousness on earth. 

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Building Bridges of Light

Often people believe that a spiritual path is related to the things they do, and the directional choices that they make in life. Yet from an esoteric perspective, this belief is based on a simple misunderstanding.

The path to God is not necessarily a journey based upon doing, but rather on being.

Which is why in many mystical traditions it is often said, “to find the path – one must become the path.”

Obtaining spiritual enlightenment represents a unique pathway through which an individual is able to realize the true potential of their eternal soul – and recognize it’s ability to express unconditional love, awaken to profound inspirations, as well as perceive and experience divine wisdom.  

In order for the eternal soul to attain this type of spiritual enlightenment, it is essential to first remove any obstructed flow of energy that inhibits this transformation process.

Additionally, when traveling upon this inner path, there is always several bridges that must be crossed in order to get to the other side.

Often the reason why a beginner has difficulty contacting the spiritual energy contained within their higher self, is because there is a wide gap in the conscious understanding that exists between their relationship with God — their eternal soul — and their acquired ego based personality.

These two main gaps (between God and their eternal soul – and the eternal soul and their acquired personality) must first be bridged before there can be an effective and harmonious flow of energy moving between these different energetic fields.

Once this bridging is established between the person’s soul and their acquired personality, a progression can be made towards the building of the more advanced bridge that exists between the spiritually awakened and transformed soul-infused personality (i.e., the born-again personality) and the radiant light reflected from the divine presence of the Divine.

Each human soul is considered to exist as a divine spark—which has been separated from the divine presence of God, and sent to earth to undergo different experiences designed to help it spiritually evolve and mature.

After being spiritually enriched through what it has overcome and gained, each wandering soul returns back to its place of origin and experiences a mystical union with the Father of Light.

In the course of this spiritual evolution, each soul becomes aware of the fact that its radiant energy forms an intrinsic and sentient part of a more comprehensive entity.

As the soul’s development continues to awaken, it slowly begins to understand the intention and divine purpose of its existence, and consciously begins to identify itself with that greater design.  

This spiritual adaptation and energetic merging with the greater rhythm of creation allows the soul to experience enhanced and progressive spiritual enrichment without detracting itself from its own self-awareness.

In order to better understand this, first realize that the soul is governed by the principle of unity, while the acquired personality is governed by the principle of separateness.

The soul seeks to condition the mind of the acquired personality with the realization that beneath the apparent separateness of things is a profound oneness.

Always remember, the soul is not governed by personality driven activity, but instead by an urge for it to be its authentic-self, filled with unconditional love, guided by divine wisdom, and directed by a higher life purpose.  

In all truth, a person’s spiritual walk is an inner journey that leads the soul down a path to transformation. Thus its outer activity is simply a demonstration of the divine wisdom that this spiritual journey has allowed it to embody and externally reveal.

In other words, our outer life of doing, is a manifestation of our current state of consciousness. Which is why as a person spiritually evolves, it becomes increasingly evident that their displays of unconditional love and heart felt compassion are merely an effect of the eternal soul awakening to its true self, and functioning within the physical realm.

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Why Forgive

It is often been said that with true forgiveness comes new hope for the future, as well as peace of heart and mind. However the process of forgiving someone is actually an ongoing procedure, which has many levels and different stages associated within it.

This is because the act of true repentance is not simply saying “I’m sorry;” but is instead defined as “the ability to bring about a conscious change surrounding a prior action that has initially caused someone to experience feelings of sorrow, anger, resentment, hostility, and bitterness.”

The real problem associated with forgiving someone is that, more often than not, the “pardon” and complete absolution of the person who caused the past hurts takes place in the head, and not in the heart.  

Oftentimes this type of intellectual act is based on the wrong assumption that any mental effort alone can convince someone’s wounded heart to release its feelings of hurt, betrayal, and rejection.

The main reason that a person does not often quickly heal from such deep emotional wounding, is that deep feelings of disappointment, hurt, or betrayal are really not that susceptible to cold calculated logic.

Every time you have an emotional attachment to a person, place, or thing, you create energetic cords that connect your three bodies (physical body, energy body, and spirit body) to that particular object. The stronger the emotions — the stronger the energetic cords become.

These energetic cords are constructed out of various thoughts, feelings, and beliefs and are kept alive through their specific attachments to the old memories that are associated with that particular person, place, or thing.

Each energetic cord therefore represents a specific mental and emotional attachment that you are currently holding on to, which often depletes and robs your body of life force energy.

The stronger the mental and emotional attachment, the more powerful its energetic pull becomes. 

Which is why, if you do not want to become a disembodied soul existing as an earthbound ghost trapped within the physical realm, then it is essential to learn how to truly forgive and remove these unprocessed emotional and mental attachments.

One of the best examples of this type of unresolved energetic attachment existing after death, is graphically represented in the ghost of Jacob Marley, depicted in Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol. Marley’s chains, described by Dickens as “captive, bound and double-ironed,” were unknowingly forged by himself in life as a result of his greed and selfishness.

In the spirit realm, words are used to either bind or release energy onto an individual’s three bodies.  

If left unresolved, the individual’s energy body and spirit body retain the attached energetic cords connected to their experiences.

It is through the act of forgiveness that we choose to not waste any more of our life force energy identifying with and dwelling on the things that have happened in our past.  

It also frees us from obsessing over things that we can never change, and releases the energetic cords attached to all of these old experiences. 

True forgiveness is defined as the stopping, renouncing, and ceasing of resentment, indignation, or anger as a result of a perceived offense, disagreement, or mistake.

This includes refusing to demand or even expect that any form of punishment or restitution will take place for any past actions.

The act of forgiveness is not an agreement with or an approval of whatever happened to you in your life.

Nor is it an invitation for any type of violation or misbehavior to be repeated.

Instead, forgiveness is a spiritual act that brings you back into the living moment, and allows you to experience life from the perspective of your eternal soul’s true self.

This liberating state allows you to rise to higher levels of spiritual awareness, and experience each and every moment as a divine revelation 

In order to truly forgive, you must first become accountable for your decision of consciously choosing to release all attachments associated to the person, place, or thing that you believe has hurt you.

Once you can release that past history, you can then begin to grow mentally and emotionally free from these energetic attachments, and begin to spiritually reclaim your life. 

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Different Obstacles – Different Veils

Every part of creation contains a radiant seed of God’s divine mind and holy essence. What we call “the visible world” is in all truth the radiant light and creative mind of God interacting as manifested substance.

In order to obtain a glimpse of this hidden reality, a person must first be able to penetrate the various veils that hinder their perception of them, and blinds their heart and mind to these subtle spiritual insights.

Once these veils are lifted, we are allowed to see, at least for a moment, the brilliance and infinite nature of God. As this occurs, we are thrown out of our lower survival-based ego self into a much higher realm of spiritual insight, perception, and understanding.

Because the delicate nature of the acquired personality can easily become shattered by such a radiant experience, sometimes the ego based mind must be slowly introduced to this knowledge, and gently brought through the various veils of light before it can fully grasp the deeper realities hidden within the spirit realm.

There are very strict rules governing how energy works on each plane of reality, as well as how a person can work with them. Which is why throughout the ages spiritual masters have opted to intentionally prepare their disciples to experience the energy, power, and infinite nature of God through different meditational practices and initiations.

These important rights of passage allow the hearts and minds of the new initiates to embrace these deeper truths at a consistent yet progressive rate of understanding.

Not only do these rituals create a way for the consciousness to receive and contain this information, but they also enable the new disciple to perceive a higher level of reality without being overwhelmed or damaged by it. 

Through this spiritual journey, each different initiation guides the new disciple closer to a deeper realization of God.

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Understanding Spiritual Enlightenment

Our perceived negative experiences tend to separate our heart and mind from God, and can sometimes disconnect our survival based ego from the divine spiritual nature of our eternal soul.

Once this type of disconnected pattern becomes habitual, it often creates the illusion within our spirit that we are no longer connected to God, and that we are currently all alone in the world. Even with the company of close friends, without this spiritual connection inside our lives, anyone can feel empty and alone.

Without a divine spiritual connection, everything in life seems to be based on survival, even in the way that we plan our lives, the way we work, and how we interact with our friends and family.  

Too often the spiritual practice that people choose is based on the assumption that having a connection with this priest, church, or religion will save their empty souls.

Other times people will act out their lives, not from any religious or spiritual beliefs, but on the assumption that there is only one meaningful reality: one composed of obtaining personal power based on acquiring wealth, fame, and feeding their carnal lust.

Although many may become successful, rich, respected, and even famous, none of these things will ever fill the void of living a soulless life. Which is why in Matthew 16:26, Jesus told his disciples, For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?

Even if a person is deeply entrenched in various religious dogmas and/or the fundamentalist teachings of their church, eventually their eternal soul will cry out for more. The internal hunger for knowing God, and the need for living a life built on having a true relationship with the Almighty Creator will eventually come to the surface.

During this time in a person’s life, they may start to doubt, question, and internally sense that something is wrong.

In many cases, there is a strong desire to receive more from life than what they had previously been seeing, hearing, and experiencing. At this point in their lives, many people begin to feel completely lost and deeply alone.  

In these times of spiritual crisis, many people often have no one outside of their church with whom to confide in, and often even their own families do not understand what they are experiencing.  

As a result, many feel so anxious, alienated, and suffocated with loneliness that they become depressed, moody, and downright angry.

Throughout this time of spiritual transition many begin to question the things that they were previously taught, and they begin to rebel against all forms of authority figures. 

It is at this bleak state in life that something often happens which sets into motion a profound spiritual awakening.

This is why it is often said that a spiritual awakening is the result of the eternal soul crying out for a true reconnection with God.

In these times of internal turmoil, once a person manages to untangle themselves from these overwhelming feelings, they will often experience a deep realization of their innate inner-connection to God.

As this happens, the awakened soul remembers that it has always been one with God, and has always been spiritually connected to the true radiant source of its creation.

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Your Eternal Soul Will Never Die

Many Christian mystics believe that true spiritual enlightenment is the continuous realization that our eternal souls will never die, because we are all spiritually fused as a part of God’s divine Breath of Life.

This comes from a deeper knowing that our eternal soul is beyond body and mind, and is forever connected to the eternal light of God.

After experiencing such a spiritual awakening, as an individual continues to grow as a child of light they learn to trust and surrender their heart and mind to this important new awareness.

Their spirit begins to seeks after and discover a place of quiet inner-peace, located deep within the center of their being. The more they choose to surrender their attachments towards trying to force and mold their life, the faster they can awaken to the divine being that they are called to be.

The longer they can abide in this divine quiescent state without distraction, the faster they will be able to spiritually awaken to God’s most radiant design for their lives.

Within this special quiescent place, a person may naturally find the inner-peace required for manifesting a rich meaningful life, full of radiant clarity, unconditional love, and abundant bliss. It is said that this was the spiritual state that the Apostle Paul was referring to when he wrote in Philippians 4:7, the peace of God, which passeth all understanding.

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Understanding The Need For Meditation

By focusing your heart and mind to see, hear, feel, and experience more than you normally do, you are naturally awakened to different realms of intuitive awareness.

 Developing this type of meditative attention is an acquired skill which brings about clarity, and allows you to see the true nature of all things.

This is why so many outstanding spiritual teachers, both past and present, advocate performing daily meditation practice.

Although different songs, psalms, and religious teachings speak of meditating upon the Lord and growing closer to him, there seems to be a lack of training in the church in how to attain this elevated spiritual state of awareness.

Being mindfully attentive is not something that needs to be practiced in a crossed-legged sitting posture.

Instead, this type of meditative attention is actually a dynamic type of practice that focuses on having you pay closer attention to what you are observing and/or what you are doing.

It is a way to orientate yourself within your spiritual walk by becoming fully aware of all your activities through the use of your five senses and your mind.

The closer we get to energetically connecting with the subtle energies that flow within and sustain all of creation, the more familiar and intimate we become with the spirit of God.  

This subtle energy and its unique spiritual influence always manifests within the external environment, as well as within our own internal being.

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The Importance of Having A Higher Power

There has never been a set definition for “Higher Power.” However, one of the most popular descriptions of this concept is that of a supreme deity or some type of supernatural being such as an all-knowing, all-powerful Creator God.

Some people do not believe in divine beings. Instead they believe in the life-force energies of the universe or nature as a higher power.

Therefore, in order to establish a word-association for this modern term, I would like to define a person’s higher power as being the spiritual energy that is higher than an individual’s originally programmed survival based ego.

I choose this definition because, without the important influence of a higher power, it is difficult for a person to overcome the acquired programming that they initially received as a small child through the day-to-day interactions they encounter in their environment.

Finding a higher power isn’t about convincing yourself of something that you do not believe in. It’s about finding something that challenges and brings you away from the critical voices that have already been established within your heart and mind since childhood.

This special intimate connection to a higher power allows you to experience greater appreciation and happiness in life, and enables you to find a deeper life purpose and experience profound inner peace.

Most people go through a spiritual awakening process first, and then consciously connect with their higher power. As they learn to understand the value of what that higher power is, the subtle spiritual connection that exists between their eternal soul and the spirit of God continues to grow 

Although they may not be able to identify this higher power by name, or fully understand the influence and spiritual connection it has on their heart and mind, the process of trying to grow closer to their higher power allows its inner connection with their eternal soul to become stronger. 

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No one System Has It All

No one person, nor any group of individuals have all of the answers.

No matter how old their sacred scriptures and spiritual teachings claim to be, nor how vast their financial or political influences reach, each of their proclaimed belief systems are only offering a different singular perspective of an infinite and universal divine teaching.

For me to learn this, I had to be brought out of my church environment so that my spirit could be liberated from the fear-based fundamental teachings that had previously overshadowed my heart and mind.  

After interacting with many kindhearted men and women of God from other spiritual traditions, who had also encountered angry fundamentalists within their own religions, I realized that certain negative attitudes are simply a part of human nature.

I also understand that there will always be angry people existing within the various religions of the world which has nothing to do with the sacred teachings of the original founders of these great spiritual traditions.  

The word “Religion” is derived from the Latin word “religare,” meaning “to bind together;” and in society religion fulfills two main functions.

First it encourages an individual’s heart and mind to commune with God; and second it serves to energetically cement the internal structure of society, upholding certain values and ideals for the common good.

Although I understand that organized religious groups can sometimes disappoint and even frustrate people, I also understand that a world without any religions organization that cares for the needs of the people would be a much worse place than it is now.

It is sometimes said that religion is often a belief in someone else’s experience, whereas spirituality is having your own experiences, and for me, this statement was true.

It was during these times of deep reflection, that I began to understand that my personal spiritual walk has been and always will be between myself and God alone, no matter which religion I belong to, or which spiritual group I continue to fellowship with.

At that time of spiritual awakening, I understood that through God’s wonderful grace, many individuals were placed in my life in order to help guide and direct me towards obtaining a deeper and more profound spiritual insight based on self-discovery.

In all of our spiritual walks, sometimes a different perspective is needed in order to help free us from certain mental attitudes and stagnant fundamental beliefs that try to hinder our spiritual evolution.

This much needed new approach and different spiritual insight can often originate from other enlightened individuals, who are our brothers and sisters from different spiritual traditions.

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